Manitoba Aerospace All-Star Awards of Excellence Recipients


Don MacDonald – Red River College (retired) – Award of Excellence for Education & Training

Boeing Winnipeg – 737 MAX Automated Drill & Countersink Team – Award of Excellence for Innovation

MDS AeroTest – Team at Glacier Facility, including NRC Icing Support Team – Award of Excellence for Technology Development

Ken Webb – Manitoba Aerospace Association (retired) – Award of Excellence for Builder


Terry Trupp, Boeing Winnipeg – Award of Excellence for Builder

Don Boitson, Magellan Aerospace – Award of Excellence for Leadership

Winnipeg Maintenance Management Team, Keewatin Air – Award of Excellence for Process Improvements and Business Growth

The Boeing Winnipeg 737 MAX Acoustic Inner Barrel Product Development Team, Boeing Winnipeg – Award of Excellence for Innovation and Leadership


Leo Sousa, Cormer Group Industries – Award of Excellence for Leadership

Rick Jensen, Boeing Winnipeg (Retired) – Award of Excellence for Builder

Barb Bowen, Manitoba Aerospace Human Resources Council (MAHRC) – Award of Excellence for Education & Training

eShop Order Implementation Team, StandardAero – Award of Excellence for Innovative Business Practices & Teamwork


Ian Walkty, Magellan Aerospace Winnipeg – Award of Excellence for Leadership

Kim Olson, StandardAero – Award of Excellence for Builder for leading the Technology Road Map

Mitch Arbez, Magellan Aerospace Winnipeg – Award of Excellence for Process Improvement and Leadership

Fast Air Executive Aviation Services Ltd. and B/E Aerospace Canada (formerly EMTEQ Canada) – Award of Excellence for Business Growth, Innovation and Industry Collaboration


William (Bill) Fraser, Chair (retired) of Aviation & Aerospace at RRC – “Excellence in Education & Training”

Testing, Research and Development Centre (TRDC): GE/StandardAero/WestCaRD – “Excellence in Technology and Teamwork”

Boeing 787  Main Landing Gear Door Team. Boeing Winnipeg – “Excellence in Teamwork and Innovation” (Shawna Kulbaski, Kevin Jaworenko, John Yestrau, Brad Nerbas, Anthony Cerasani, Jeremy Solodky, Sandra Reich, Donald Girard, Andrew Murtomaki, Patrick Lestition, Renato Santos, Darryl Kehler, Darcy Messner, Bryan Sprange, John Steffanson, Troy Morin, Richard Nakka, Antonio Ferreira, Mark Winston)


DAO Team, EMTEQ – “Excellence in Teamwork” (Team members include: Doug Peters, Rui Dias, Ian Stewart, Dominique Duguay and Francois Bechette)

Black Brant Rocket Team, Magellan Aerospace Winnipeg – “Excellence in Technology Development”

Rudy Braun, Boeing Winnipeg – “Excellence in Business Growth and Process Improvements”


Composites Innovation Centre – “Innovative Business Practices”

A. J. Lauder, Boeing Winnipeg – “Technical Leadership and Innovation

Johan (John) Ouendag, StandardAero – “Education/Training/Leadership/Teamwork”

Vic Gerden, Manitoba Aerospace Association – “Builder Award”


CF34 Training Team, StandardAero – Award for Excellence for “Team Work and Innovation”

Dennis Statz, Boeing Winnipeg– Award for Excellence for “Innovation and Process Improvements”

Centre for Aerospace Technology & Training, Red River College / StandardAero / Governments – Award for Excellence for “Teamwork in Technology Development and Education / Training Solutions”


Darrell Cole, Career Trek – Award for Excellence for Entrepreneurship in Career Development for Youth

StandardAero – Award for Excellence in Innovative Process Improvements and Business Practices

Wire Strike Protection System Team, Magellan Aerospace Winnipeg – Award for Excellence in Team Work and Innovation


Brian Lanoway, StandardAero – Award for Excellence as Builder of Best Business Practices in Redesign

MicroPilot – Award for Excellence in Technological Innovation & Business Success

Moonshine Group, Boeing Winnipeg – Award for Excellence in Shop Floor Innovation & Team Work

Geordie Wilson – Award for Excellence as Educational Partner, Builder & Program Manager


Argus Industries – Award for Excellence in Quality and Teamwork

Brian Harris, Red River College – Special Award for Educational Partnership

Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development (CAHRD) – Award for Excellence in Strategic Educational Partnership

Paul Soubry. StandardAero  – Award for Excellence in Leadership


Ken Carr, Manitoba Aerospace Association– Special Builder Award

Mark Ross, Boeing Winnipeg – Excellence in Community Commitment and Leadership

Faculty of Engineering, University of Manitoba Excellence in Educational Quality, Innovation and Partnership

Aero Recip (Canada) Ltd. – Excellence in Entrepreneurial Achievement  


Training and Continuing Education Division, Manitoba Advanced Education and Training – HR Partnerships Vision and Commitment

Robert Manson, Industry, Trade and Mines – Business Development Industry/Government Collaboration

Small Satellite Team, Magellan Aerospace WinnipegTechnology Development 


Canadian Propeller – Award of Excellence ‘Employee Relations’

Greg Dandewich, Destination Winnipeg – Award of Excellence ‘Industry/Government Cooperation’

Wendell Wiebe, Magellan Aerospace Winnipeg – Award of Excellence “Training Infrastructure Development”


Advanced Composite Structures – Award of Excellence in ‘Innovation’

Jim Butyniec, Magellan Aerospace Winnipeg – Award of Excellence in ‘Leadership in Industry’

Peter BrownMurdoch Mackay Collegiate – Award of Excellence “Builder, Teacher, Partner, Innovator”


Dwight Botting, Tec Voc High School – Education Partnerships Leadership Award

Bruce Clarke, StandardAero – Strategic Leadership Award

Jim Sawyer, Boeing Winnipeg – Award of Excellence Leadership In Industry