Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We’ve put together a list of our most common questions about MAHRC Training and Cost Sharing.

1. How do I become a member of MAHRC?

To become a member of MAHRC you must be a member of the Manitoba Aerospace Association (MAA). Regular members of MAA are automatically members of MAHRC.

2. I saw a reference to the Competitive Edge Supplier Development Program (CESDP) on a brochure, what is that?

The CESDP is Manitoba Aerospace World Class Supplier Development Program. Learn more about the CESD Program.

3. What is a TAOR?

A TAOR is a Training Approval and Outcomes Request. It is the application for receiving MAHRC Cost Sharing for Company Specific Training.

4. What is TEE?

TEE stands for Training of Existing Employees. MAHRC has two programs which support TEE, Multi-Company Training (MCT) and Company Specific Training (CST).

5. How is the amount I get reimbursed as part of MAHRC Company Specific Training Cost Sharing determined?

The amount for cost-sharing depends on the type of training, and the size of the organization. Please contact MAHRC for more details.

6. Can I use my Company Specific Training allocation to reduce the tuition for Multi-Company Training?

No. Multi-Company Training is already at reduced pricing.

7. How long does it take to get my reimbursement cheque after I have supplied all the documents requested?

Once all documents are received the processing and mailing of your cheque will be complete within 30 calendar days or less.

8. Why is a List of Training Participants required?

We require training participant names as part of our due diligence activities to the Province of Manitoba, who is the originator of our cost-sharing funds.

9. I forgot to apply for cost sharing before the training started, can I still apply?

TAORs should be sent to MAHRC at least 30 days prior to your training commencing. Only in rare and exceptional circumstances, which must be outlined in writing with your TAOR, will MAHRC consider applications for TEE Cost Sharing after the training commences. These late applications may require MAHRC Board approval regardless of dollar amount.

10. I received an invoice for training from MAHRC, how long do I have to pay it?

Invoices from MAHRC are due on receipt.

11. I applied and received approval for MAHRC cost sharing but now my training has been cancelled, can I apply the dollars to a different training event?

Yes. You must advise MAHRC in writing that your event has been cancelled. Once received and processed, the dollars that were allocated for your Company Specific Training (CST) will be made available for future CST at your company.

12. Can I get a reimbursement if a participant in a MAHRC Multi-Company Training event cannot attend?

Yes, provided the notice of cancellation is received in writing or by email at MAHRC at least 10 working days prior to the event. Cancellations received 10 or less working days prior to the event will be charged to the company with or without the attendance of the participant.

Participants can be substituted into the event. Just contact us at MAHRC to update the participant name.

13. Does MAHRC evaluate training courses at my company they cost shared?

MAHRC typically evaluates the first offering of a course/program at an organization to asses the impact of the training. This is part of our due diligence activities to the Province of Manitoba, who is the originator of our cost-sharing funds.

14. The actual amount we spent on our training is less than we had approved by MAHRC, do I need to update my application?

No. If you are going to require less than you anticipated/applied for then we do not require a new or updated application. Any funds you did not require will be held for future TAOR approvals.

15. The actual amount we spent on our training is more than we had approved by MAHRC, do I need to update my application?

Yes. If you are going to, or did spend more than you anticipated/applied for we will require either an updated application, or a new application. The additional amount/new request will be subject to approval.

16. Can I include costs for food in my application?

No. Food is not considered an eligible training expense for cost-sharing.

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