Manitoba Aerospace New Hires Initiative


The Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development Inc. (CAHRD) is a non-profit, human resource development organization that delivers Education, Training and Employment services to the urban Aboriginal population of Winnipeg. They accomplish this by enhancing their services and programs through successful partnerships with community, government and other post-secondary institutions.

Manitoba Aerospace Human Resources Council (MAHRC), a not-for-profit organization, was established in 1992. MAHRC is a group of approximately 20 companies working wholly or partly in the aerospace manufacturing or aviation maintenance sectors. Its mandate is to address the training and educational needs of these sectors in Manitoba. Member companies of MAHRC have had ongoing concerns about the shortage of skilled trades’ people in the local labour pool. Statistics indicate that for the foreseeable future, Aboriginal youth will make up a large part of the eligible labour force in Manitoba.

Since 1999, MAHRC and CAHRD have been working together to attract, train and retain Aboriginal workers for the local aerospace industry.

Roles of the Partners

CAHRD plays a crucial role by funding an Aboriginal Liaison to work directly with Manitoba Aerospace in planning and developing programs; promotion and recruitment within industry and the Aboriginal community; as well as providing ongoing supports to program participants/graduates.

For more information about training programs please contact Wade Parke at (204) 918-1093 or Ryan Bruyere at (204) 989-7138.

MAHRC, as a representative of industry, plays a key role in raising awareness amongst employers about the untapped labour pool within the Aboriginal population; marketing the initiatives to specific employers; as well as obtaining employers’ commitments to participate in the training and hiring of graduates.

For more information about opportunities for employers please contact Barbara Bowen at (204) 272-2955.