Strategic Initiatives

Aerospace is a strategic industry for Canada, and for Manitoba. In 2016, according to Industry Canada, the national aerospace industry’s direct, indirect and induced contributions resulted in more than $29B to GDP and 211,000 jobs to the Canadian economy. In the same year, the Manitoba industry’s direct contributions alone resulted in $1.6B to the GDP and over 5300 jobs to the economy of the Province.

Manitoba’s state-of-the-art aerospace industry is the largest in Western Canada and home to a diversified cluster of world-class manufacturing, repair and overhaul, and service firms.

Our focussed strategic plan, a supportive business environment, and ongoing investment in industry, post-secondary institutions and research organizations ensure the economic and technological basis for a sustained competitive advantage.

Manitoba Aerospace Strategic Pillars

The Manitoba aerospace industry’s strategic plan identifies four key focus areas to grow the industry and ensure its competiveness in the global marketplace.

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Innovation, Research and Technology (MARTC)

Innovation is the lifeblood of technology driven global industries like aerospace, and collaboration is an innovation multiplier.

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Industry Collaborations

A supportive business environment, award winning industry and applied research organizations support a culture of collaboration in Manitoba's aerospace industry.

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