Workforce Development

Manitoba Aerospace works with educational partners and other key stakeholders to ensure that education and training systems have the capacity to produce the skilled workforce that industry needs, provide access to custom training to keep industry competitive. Manitoba Aerospace works with youth, parents and educators to provide a steady supply of students into the educational pathways that lead to careers in the local sector.

Our Workforce Development Pillar is comprised of four key areas:  Training of Existing Employees, Career Development, Career Awareness, and Leadership Development.

Training of Existing Employees

Member companies of Manitoba Aerospace have the option to take part in training programs that can enhance the skills of current employees in the sector. Employers that have specific training needs for their employees are encouraged to apply for funding through the Canada Manitoba Jobs Grant.

Career Development

The Manitoba aerospace industry currently employs over 5000 people in more than 25 companies in the province of Manitoba. This is a result of steady growth in the industry in the last 15 years and the ability of our training/educational institutions to provide a reliable stream of well trained employees.

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Career Awareness

Manitoba Aerospace collaborates with a variety of educational, industry and community partners to ensure that youth, parents and educators are aware that there are permanent, educational pathways to great careers available in the sector.

Some examples of our activities include:

Leadership Development

Based on a comprehensive consultation with industry, Manitoba Aerospace developed a customized leadership development and deployment program. Derived from best practices from a number of leading high performance aerospace and non-aerospace companies, the program is delivered through Manitoba Aerospace’s training and development group: Competitive Edge Strategic Development Services (CESD Services).

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