Gas Turbine Engine Repair & Overhaul Technician

Career Overview

So you like to take things apart but can you put them back together again?  Do you have a sharp eye and a penchant for detail?

Gas Turbine Engine Repair and Overhaul Technicians are responsible for:

  • the repair and overhaul of gas turbine engines;
  • rebuilding gas turbine engines;
  • balancing components and assemblies;
  • testing and troubleshooting gas turbine engines;
  • inspecting gas turbine engine components and assemblies.

In some companies, the role of the gas turbine engine repair and overhaul technician is broken down into three roles: inspection; disassembly/assembly and; testing. The range of tasks may be divided into multi-level skill-sets depending upon company policies, which would result in graduates being required to perform a portion of the tasks listed, or in some cases, all of them.

Gas Turbine Overhaul at RRC Polytech