Innovation, Research and Technology

Innovation is the lifeblood of technology driven global industries like aerospace and defence, and collaboration is an innovation multiplier.

To maintain a leadership position in manufacturing and MRO and share in the rising market demand for new aircraft, space systems and aircraft servicing over the next 20 years, Manitoba companies must be increasingly successful in the fiercely competitive global supply chain.

In an industry driven by technology and innovation, this means:

  • identifying and developing key technologies that will provide a sustainable, long-term competitive advantage;
  • creating strategies and collaborations to build an innovation culture; and
  • leveraging the R&D capabilities and investments across the aerospace and defence community

Manitoba Aerospace Technology Road Map (TRM)

A Technology Road Map (TRM) provides a framework of key technologies built on consensus of the participants. In 2013 Manitoba’s aerospace community first met to consider and propose a series of Technology Thrusts for the industry. The resulting 2014 Technology Thrust Reports and Manitoba Aerospace Technology Road Map provided clear direction for our technology development programs.

Updated for 2017, the TRM highlights 31 Key Technologies in seven Technology Thrusts areas including: Advanced Manufacturing (formerly Advanced Machining); Robotics and Automation; Composites; Simulation, Modeling and Analysis; Testing & Certification; Space and Rocket Systems; and introduces Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

2017 Technology Road Map

Manitoba Aerospace Research and Technology Committee (MARTC)

The Manitoba Aerospace Research and Technology Committee (MARTC) was chartered in 2015 to provide a venue to collaborate, facilitate and implement research projects and initiatives using the TRM. Membership is open to all Manitoba Aerospace members and meetings are typically held quarterly.

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Consortium for Aerospace Research and Innovation in Canada (CARIC)

CARIC is a national research and technology network that brings together stakeholders from industry, universities, colleges and research institutions to identify strategic aerospace technology areas and facilitate collaborative research and development. Manitoba Aerospace hosts the CARIC Regional Director for the Central region; Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

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