Where Vision Takes Flight

Where Vision Takes Flight (overview)

Manitoba Aerospace represents over 30 companies and more than 5300 employees. They also support numerous community programs to help interested people get the skills to find jobs in the industry. These are stories about some of those people and different support programs.

StandardAero: Are you looking for a career in aerospace?

Join Detail Inspector Kelly Spence as she describes her beginnings in the Aerospace industry and learn how she came to join StandardAero, which has been a Manitoba institution since 1911. See some of the programs that Manitoba Aerospace and StandardAero offers to help you soar in the industry.

Magellan: Rockets and space

Follow Kim Norrie, Senior Rocket Systems Engineer Aerospace and Software Developer Dario Schor as they help Magellan Aerospace take engineering to the final frontier. It actually is rocket science! Rockets, space missions and satellites have been part of Magellan's business for over fifty years.

Keewatin Air: Maintaining the air ambulance to the North

Keewatin Air has operated in the rugged Canadian Arctic for over 40 years, logging more than 120,000 hours of medevac airtime in some of the most challenging environmental conditions in the world. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) Nicole Kemp's job is to make sure those air ambulances are safe and fit to fly. See how AMEs are essential to providing health care to some of the most remote places on the planet.

MicroPilot: A different way to fly

MicroPilot is a made in Manitoba company that competes on the world stage. In the MicroPilot segment, we follow software coders and test pilots as they do things never done before with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Watch a test flight in progress and see what it takes to get a drone to fly itself.

Engineering Access Program: Supporting Indigenous engineers

Learn how ENGAP provides an opportunity for students of Indigenous ancestry, who may not have had access to the necessary resources, to obtain the prerequisites required to get into, prepare for, and succeed in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba. Get firsthand accounts of the community and its support programs from recent ENGAP graduates and see how the Engineering Access Program has changed many lives for the better.