Student Endowment & Awards

The Manitoba Aerospace Student Awards Endowment Fund provides financial awards to students to help them access rewarding, enduring careers in the aerospace and defence industries.

Every year, awards are given to students from Tec-Voc, as well as to post-secondary students at Red River College’s Stevenson Campus, University of Manitoba Faculty of Engineering, and Neeginan College of Applied Technology. The awards are offered based on a list of core values that industry representatives have determined to be important characteristics for workers in the aerospace and defence industries:

  • Team Work
  • Reliability
  • Work Ethic
  • Integrity
  • Innovation


The funds for these awards come from the proceeds of both the annual Aerospace All-Stars Awards Dinner and the Aerospace Golf Tournament. Endowments have been established with the Winnipeg Foundation, Red River College and the University of Manitoba to ensure that the funds are well managed and that the awards are self-sustaining.

With the generosity of our members and the leadership of the Marketing and Communications Committee, the endowments have grown to over $250,000 since they were started in 2007. A number of awards ranging from $300 to $1000 are presented each year. As we continue to grow our endowments, we look forward to increasing the value and number of awards and supporting even more students.

Awards & Scholarships

University of Manitoba

One award is available to support undergraduate students pursuing studies and research in the Aerospace Option in Mechanical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering.

The eligible candidate should be enrolled full-time in at least their third year of study and be an active member of a University of Manitoba student team [e.g. UMSAE, CASI, UMSATS or ECOMotion.

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RRC Polytech

One award is available to a third year student enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering Technology Program.

The eligible candidate should be a full time student who is enrolled in the Aerospace Technology elective course. Additional consideration may be given to applicants who have completed a co-op placement with an aerospace company, or have been involved in student competition groups such as the Shell eco-challenge. Applicants should also display an interested in Aerospace related technical reporting.

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