Are you interested in current job openings?  Please go to http://mbaerospace.ca/members/  where each of the member companies has its website linked with career opportunities identified on each website. 


Take a look at just a sample of the great career opportunities in the Manitoba aerospace industry:

Aerospace Engineer

Engineers often work in a multidisciplinary environment and acquire knowledge and skills through work experience that may allow them to practice in associated areas of science, engineering, sales, marketing or management…..

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Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Repair and Overhaul Technician

So you like to take things apart but can you put them back together again?  Do you have a sharp eye and a penchant for detail? Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Repair and Overhaul Technicians are responsible for: the repair and overhaul of gas turbine engines; rebuilding gas turbine engines; balancing components and assemblies; testing and….

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AME Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Aircraft mechanics maintain, repair, overhaul, modify and test aircraft structures, mechanical and hydraulic systems. Aircraft mechanics are employed by aircraft manufacturing,….

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Composite Fabricator

Do you like the idea of working with high-tech, exciting new materials? Do you have a desire to make products better using science, and to build upon industry knowledge? A Composite Fabricator plays a vital role in the manufacture, maintenance, and repair of modern aircraft of all sizes, shapes, and functions. It is a highly skilled position that requires knowledge of chemistry….

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MET Mechanical Engineering Technologist

Mechanical engineering technologists and technicians may provide technical support and services or work independently in mechanical engineering fields such as the design, development, maintenance and testing of machines, components, tools, heating…

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NDT Nondestructive Testers and Inspectors

Nondestructive testers and inspectors operate radiographic, ultrasonic, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, eddy current and similar testing equipment to detect discontinuities in objects of various compositions….

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Sheet Metal Fabricators

Are you curious about how things work? Do you enjoy creating things with your hands? Are you results oriented and physically fit? If so, you may want to consider a career as a sheet metal fabricator. Sheet metal workers design, fabricate, assemble, install, and repair the sheet metal products required in a wide variety of industries and settings. Metal fabrication is a value added process…..

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Tool and Die Makers

Tool and die makers make, repair and modify custom-made, prototype or special tools, dies, jigs, fixtures and gauges using various metals, alloys and plastics which require precise dimensions…..

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Welders operate welding equipment to weld ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This unit group also includes machine operators who operate previously set up production welding, brazing and soldering equipment…

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