Cold Weather Testing

“If it works here, it can work anywhere!”

In the heart of Canada lies the keystone province of Manitoba, stretching from the United States border in the south to the shores of Hudson Bay at the edge of the Arctic in the north – a distance of nearly 1000 miles/1600 kilometers.

Summers in Manitoba are typically hot and sunny, with temperatures rising to +35C/95F but our true claim to fame is our harsh winters, where the temperature often plummets below -35C/-31F. Manitoba is subject to cold air masses that come from the Arctic. This creates the ideal conditions for cold and winter testing for aerospace, automotive, industrial equipment manufacturers and suppliers. If your equipment can endure testing during Manitoba winters, it will be tough enough to work anywhere.

We also know testers need more than just cold weather, snow and ice to do their work. They need good communication links to their home office, easy transportation access to the test site from their home base, quality hotel accommodation and food services, equipment rental shops, repair facilities, and a friendly environment in the host community. Manitoba can supply all those services, amenities and more. That’s why we are known as “Friendly Manitoba”.

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WINNIPEG: 49˚53'N 97˚10'W

General Electric chose Winnipeg as the best location for its new large engine Research and Development Test Centre.
Winnipeg is the capital city of Manitoba and the economic engine of the Province. The city’s diversified economy ensures long term economic stability while providing businesses with access to a wide variety of suppliers and services.
Winnipeg’s new James Richardson International Airport operates twenty-four hours per day providing both timely airline access to local, domestic and international destinations and expeditious courier delivery services.

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THOMPSON: 55˚48'N 97˚52'W

The Global Aerospace Centre for Icing and Environmental Research (GLACIER) in Thompson, Manitoba is a joint venture between Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney, two of the world’s largest aerospace engine manufacturers.
Designed and built by MDS AeroTest with the National Research Council’s (NRC) expertise and global leadership on engine icing, GLACIER is a year-round engine testing and certification facility specializing in engine icing. The facility also provides a variety of performance, endurance and specialty testing on a year-round basis outside of the icing season.

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THOMPSON: 55˚48'N 97˚52'W

Thompson is a global centre for cold weather testing. With an average 240 days a year of sub-zero temperatures, up to six months of snow cover, and an average annual 103 days with a daily low temperature of -20C/-4F or below, Thompson Zero provides a testing season far longer than most other test centres.
Major manufacturers from around the world have been carrying out real-world winter and cold weather testing in Thompson since the mid-1980s. In addition to accommodating North American manufacturers, Thompson has hosted companies from England, Germany, Japan and Southeast Asia.