Manitoba Aerospace Technology Roadmap

A Technology Road Map (TRM) is a collaborative strategic planning initiative to identify innovative technologies, processes and products to meet the market demands of the future.

As well as identifying key technologies to successfully compete in tomorrow’s markets, it builds consensus across the aerospace community, aligns the objectives of industry and the research community, identifies research priorities, and creates opportunities for increased collaboration, knowledge sharing and new partnerships.

The 2014 TRM identified 25 key technologies in six thrust areas. The TRM was refreshed in 2017 and revised the “Advanced Machining” thrust area to “Advanced Manufacturing” to capture the rapidly growing Additive Manufacturing technologies, and added a seventh thrust area dedicated to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

In addition to maintaining the state of the art for aerospace technologies, the Thrust Area Working Groups (TAWGs) provide a technical working environment open to all members. These TAWGs provide continuous working groups to identify and share technology trends and needs as they evolve and a venue to identify collaborative research projects.