January 1, 2015

ConvergX – Oil & Gas meet Aerospace, Defence & Security

February 10 – 11, 2016 | Westin | Calgary, Alberta

Inaugural conference

On February 10 &11, 2016 Calgary, Alberta will be host to CONVERGX the first Global Defence and Energy Conference, a synergistic conference to discover investment and growth opportunities between the Oil & Gas industry and the Aerospace, Defence & Security Industry.

With multi–‐billion dollar contracts worth of programs on the precipice of being launched for trucks, aircraft and ships, the defence industry is ripe for partnerships and expansion leveraging Canadian capabilities and export opportunities.

The conference

CONVERGX is a 2 day program that will create dialogue between two major industries, poised for growth, to investigate and develop long term strategic relationships.

Industry Experts to Discuss topics such as:

• Cross Sector Opportunities
• Innovation in both industries
• Canadian LNG Expansion
• Infrastructure Protection including cyber protection
• Unmanned Protection; air, land, sea
• Cross Pollinate lessons learned to Create Operational Efficiencies
• Composite Adaptations
• Propulsion Demands

With different, but similar market demands and pressures, Oil & Gas industry and Aerospace, Defence & Security Industries have shared need for expansion, growth and diversification, creating ideal partnerships in growth markets and opportunity for counterbalance partners in key areas including:

• Safety and Security
• Manufacturing
• Coatings
• Unmanned Systems
• Lidar/Radar
• ICT… to name a few

Why attend?

CONVERGX is a targeted and efficient tool to position your brand, people, and product in front of the region’s key political figures, senior industry executives, and other key defence/energy decision–‐ makers from across the public and private sectors.


“Convergent Thinking” is the ability to bring material from a variety of sources to bear on a problem in such a way as to produce an answer in a sometimes unconventional, under–‐estimated or creative way. This kind of thinking is particularly appropriate in science, math and technology.

And in that spirit, we launch ConvergX, a conference based on the ethos of collaboration, synergy and partnership. The vision of Kimberley Van Vliet of WaVv Enhanced Business Development Solutions with the help of Louise Mercier of FMJ Solutions, is for real business to occur in two exciting, informative and enlightening days.

We sincerely hope you can join us.


Kimberley Van Vliet
403-245-2445 x 503

Louise Mercier

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