November 24, 2014

EDC Fall Global Export Forecast

December 2, 2014 – 1:30-2:30 PM EST – Webinar

Join Peter Hall, Vice-President & Chief Economist, for EDC’s annual Fall Global Export Forecast and get the inside insights you need to succeed in the 2015 global economy.

Canada’s domestic economy has been a mainstay since the 2008 crisis, so why is it faltering now? While the rest of the world is finally talking growth and exports are looking brighter, Canadians seem to have a general air of hesitation. Will the budding global recovery last this time, or are we in for another round of disappointments? And if growth is here to stay, will we have capacity to deliver the goods?

Be sure to attend the 2014 Fall Global Export Forecast webinar. Register today! Please note that this webinar will be offered in French through simultaneous translation.