January 1, 2015

If Ottawa bails out Bombardier, feds should help 400 laid-off Aveos workers, say Manitoba Liberal MPs

By: ABBAS RANA | PUBLISHED: Monday, March 21, 2016

Manitoba Liberal MPs lobby are lobbying Transport Minister Garneau and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to help Manitoba’s aerospace sector if Bombardier receives funding.

If the federal government bails out Quebec-based aerospace giant Bombardier with a financial aid package, Manitobans will expect financial help for more than 400 workers who were laid off by aircraft maintenance company Aveos in Winnipeg in 2012, say Manitoba Liberal MPs.

“There’s a strong group of Liberal MPs who will fight for our aerospace industry, and that means whether it’s Air Canada, Bombardier, or even local companies here in Winnipeg, that we believe need to be given attention,” Liberal MP Kevin Lamoureux (Winnipeg North, Man.) said in an interview with The Hill Times last week.

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